When it comes to helping anyone deal with the challenges of being considered “a little different,” it helps to have been there yourself.  → Mentoring



Independence through Experience

I mentor adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum one-on-one, helping them expand their comfort zones, experience new things, and socialize more fully within their communities.



National Autism Speaker

Drawing on a lifetime of personal experience, I use storytelling, live music, and visual tools to present creative answers for common concerns to a wide range of audiencesfrom parents and service providers to educators and individuals on the autism spectrum. 



Working with the whole family

I help families see the world through the eyes of individuals on the spectrum.  Together, we’ll explore new approaches and new ideas for helping you work toward long-term independence goals.

Whether you've done extensive transition planning on your own or are just getting started, I can help ease any stage of the process.  We'll discuss independence in vocational goals, building life skills, developing new routines, and addressing the many challenges of the adult world.


Thinking in Connections


By talking with and listening to young people on the autism spectrum, I discover their individual interests, fears, and hopes for the future.  This knowledge helps me select fun activities each person will look forward to and enjoy (such as gaming events, live music, and eating out).  These outings become non-threatening opportunities for young people to develop the social skills which help them enjoy richer and more independent lives.


I mentor each adolescent and young adult independently, giving every individual the one-on-one support they need to identify, pursue, and reach their goals.


By offering pressure-free opportunities to escape the constraints of their comfort zones, I open doors in the lives of teens and young adults.  I give them a variety of chances to enjoy new experiences and meet new people, but never push them through these doors.  By listening to a young person’s reasons for turning away from an opportunity I’ve provided, I gain insight into how I can ease their fears the next time around and help them choose to expand their own lives and capabilities.


I help young adults create their own definitions for success and independence.  We work together to help them envision and take a fulfilling place in the adult world.

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"I highly recommend Jonathan Chase as a mentor and speaker. My understanding of autism spectrum disorder, as well as new insights to my own son (who is on the autism spectrum), is greatly enhanced by his viewpoint and education. Any child, parent, educator, or professional would greatly benefit from his experience, knowledge and wisdom."

Michelle Harper Abilitree, CODSN

"I have had the good fortune to hear Jonathan Chase speak at several events over the past four years, in different venues and in front of a wide variety of audiences. Each time, I am amazed at the power of his presentation and the importance of the message he conveys.

As a speaker, Jonathan brings a thoroughly engaging voice to autism while confronting and highlighting the issues of acceptance, respect and self-determination."

Tobi Rates Executive Director, Autism Society of Oregon

"Jonathan Chase is an engaging and inspiring speaker. He comes from the inside out with knowledge, wit and grace. You can't help but learn from his unique insight about working effectively with people on the autism spectrum."

Debra McLean Trainer