Autism Spectrum Services


I mentor youth on the autism spectrum from the perspective of having been there myself and fully understanding the challenges faced by those considered “a little different.”  In mentoring, I establish a supportive personal connection with my clients.  Mentoring breaks free of the stuffy and limiting bounds of traditional home and office therapy and counseling to coax clients out into the fresh air of real world experience.  After all, the environment where learning takes place is just as important as the skills being taught.

→ Mentoring


I offer several educational and inspirational presentations suitable for a variety of environments:  in the classroom, out on the town, and in the comfort of home.

  • Breaking Out of the Bubble
  • Thinking in Connections
  • Creating an Accommodating Classroom Environment
  • Various Activity Workshops and Other Public Speaking Roles

→ Presentations


I help families see life from the perspective of youth on the autism spectrum. Together, we explore new approaches and ideas which help these clients work as a group toward long-term independence goals.

I can connect with you at any stage of this process.  Whether you’ve already done extensive transition planning or are just getting started, I’m here to answer questions and offer advice on how to encourage independence in vocational goals, build life skills, develop new routines, and address challenges in the adult world.

→ Consulting