Breaking Out of the Bubble

This program focuses on long-term planning and helping youth get out of their comfort zones.  Why are some adults on the spectrum independent and successful while others struggle—sometimes for their whole lives?

Participants will learn:


  • The importance of flexible thinking
  • How to manage failure
  • How to expand the comfort zone
  • How to thrive in uncomfortable situations
  • Long term planning, transition, and independence goals
  • A different approach to managing small steps toward independence over a long period of time

Thinking in Connections

In this lecture accompanied by visuals and live music, I focus on the inner workings of the autistic mind.  What does the world look like through the eyes of someone on the autism spectrum?

Participants will:


  • Learn various perspectives on social processing
  • Gain a new understanding of the sensory experience
  • Tap into the visual learner inside all of us
  • Experience the art of music through my unique perspective
  • Learn to distinguish between visible and invisible process

Creating an Accommodating Classroom Environment

How can general education K-12 teachers adjust their classroom environments to meet the needs of both neurotypical students and those with processing disorders like autism?

Educators will learn:

  • How to establish routines that best meet the needs of children with processing disorders
  • Understanding the autistic child's need for control and how to balance it with the teacher's own need for classroom authority
  • Solutions for overcoming common classroom barriers
  • How to convey information to visual, oral, and auditory learners
  • How to create simple yet effective systems for teaching children with process disorders

Boffer Workshop

BofferswJohn.jpgThis workshop begins with the creative challenge of building handmade foam replicas of swords, shields, and other medieval weaponry from scratch.  This leads to a safe yet exciting rush of healthy physical activity which encourages young people on the autism spectrum to work together with new friends on forming daring strategies for victory as they develop spatial awareness in fun, lighthearted mock warfare. 

For more information, click here to watch a feature video on the workshop, presented by the Portland Radio Project.

Other Services

I'm available for many other public speaking roles, including: 

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Panel Session expert
  • Fundraising Speeches
  • Peer Group Facilitator



Mentoring autistic kids and adults.


Speaking and presentations on autism.


Family consulting on empowering autistic individuals.


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Stay in Touch


  • Keynote at Northwest Autism Foundation 2012 Gala
  • Numerous keynote presentations for Swindell’s Resource Center in Portland, Salem, and Medford, OR
  • Workshop trainer at the 2012 Oregon Disability Megaconference
  • Workshop trainer at the 2013 Autism Symposium at Pacific University
  • Guest speaker for continuing-education classes at Portland State University
  • Multiple events for the Autism Society of Oregon and Autism Research and Resources of Oregon
  • Guest speaker at numerous classes for educators, professionals, and job-placement specialists
  • Keynote address for Corvallis School District in 2013
  • Keynote address at the 2013 SEED Conference in Portland, OR